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Flowerlike Ceria Microspheres Materials for Bioethanol-H2 Production and VOCs Decontamination

J. Sun, Z.C. Dong, C.Q. Qin, H.Z. Qin, J.G. Li, L.G. Zhang, Y.L. Cheng, L.Q. Chen, Z.X. Wang, H. li, C.N. Xian
Institute of Chmecial Defense, CN

Keywords: flowerlike CeO2 microspheres, H2 production, VOCs decontamination


We introduce a novel material of flowerlike mesoporous CeO2 microspheres with nanointerspace, which was a kind of multifunctional material for both clean and renewable energy technologies. By a controlled calcination procedure,the obtained CeO2 microspheres possess flowerlike morphology, open porous structure, large pore volumes, light, much higher surface areas (140~166m2 /g ) than the commercial common morphology CeO2 particles (~4m2 /g) and marked hydrothermal stability. When used in steam reforming of ethanol for producing H2, these CeO2 microspheres based catalysts show excellent catalytic properties,outstanding ability to resist coke formation and long-term stability more than 1000 hours now. The molecules of poisonous volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) such as benzene, sulfured hydrogen and so on could be adsorped chemically by this CeO2 microspheres based materials easily at room temperature.
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