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CNT – A novel cooperation model to conquer new markets for CNT based products

P. Krüger
Inno.CNT, DE

Keywords: CNT, energy


Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) are known for several decades and this class of materials has been an object of intensive scientific and technical investigations in the recent past. Based on exciting scientific results they have achieved enormous attention and attraction within the research community. However, the technology transfer from the laboratory to industrial scale production of CNT took a long time, so that CNT on a commercial scale and quality with competitive prices and suitable properties are just available since few years ago. But despite of diverse highly promising technical opportunities, offered by CNT, and their potential availability the commercial use of CNT based materials and their applications are currently not in that development stage as expected before. Besides of challenges in the technology and application development along the value chain also IP related issues within the complex landscape of patents and also potential HSE issues can be identified as a potential hurdle for the market penetration. In order to develop the fundamentals for key technologies and applications for CNT and to overcome the challenge of a broad commercialization along the value chain, a cluster of 27 internally interlinked projects with a total budget of app. 90 million € using a partial financial support of the government has been set up in Germany. 90 partners from academia and industry (large, medium and small entities) are participating in that six year runtime interdisciplinary public-private partnership, the Innovation Alliance CNT (Inno.CNT: Three of the projects are cross-sectional platforms considering key technical steps of production, functionalization and dispersion of CNT. 22 Projects are dedicated to develop sustainable uses of CNT based materials and applications on the field of Electronics, Energy/Environment, Mobility and Light Weight Construction. Finally two cross sectional projects are taking care of Health, Safety and Environmental issues of CNT in production, use and end of life stages. The presentation will highlight several challenges of the CNT based value chain for energy related applications and exemplary approaches how to overcome them as efficiently as possible.
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