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Impact of Nanoscale Dimensions on Optical Properties (invited presentation)

A. Diebold
SUNY Albany, US

Keywords: nano electronics, silicon dioxide, optical


One of the challenges of fabricating new nanoscale structures is measuring their properties. The predominant assumption is that most changes in single crystal and semiconductor nanoscale films wires and dots are due to quantum confinement. Our recent studies of nanoscale silicon films indicates that electron-phonon interactions play a major role in the linear optical properties (dielectric function). This presentation will show data for a series of nanoscale silicon on insulator (ET-SOI) films from 10 nm to 2 nm in thickness. The role of electron – phonon interactions will be illustrated using low temperature ellipsometry measurements of the dielectric function. The most significant changes in the dielectric function occur at the “critical points” in the electronic structure of silicon where excitonic effects increase the optical absorption. The role of electron-phonon interactions is further illustrated by the differences in the dielectric functions of sets of ET-SOI with silicon dioxide vs hafnium oxide top layers.
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