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Modeling Objective Quality of Life using Smartphone Sensors (invited presentation)

A. Madan, US

Keywords: MEMS, Smartphone, Sensors


Mobile phones are a pervasive platform for opportunistic sensing of behaviors and opinions. This talk discusses research findings and commercial applications that leverage location and communication sensors in smart-phones can be used to model individual symptoms, long-term health outcomes, and diffusion of opinions in society. For individuals, phone-based features can be used to predict changes in health, such as common colds, influenza, and stress, and automatically identify symptomatic days. For longer-term health outcomes such as obesity, we find that weight changes of participants are correlated with exposure to peers who gained weight in the same period, which is in direct contrast to currently accepted theories of social contagion. Finally, we examine social interactions using mobile sensors, as a proxy for understanding and modeling the diffusion of opinions.
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