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Simultaneous nanoscale chemical and mechanical property characterization at variable temperatures using AFM-IR (invited presentation)

K. Kjoller
Anasys Instruments, US

Keywords: atomic force microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, infrared microscopy, nanoscale infrared spectroscopy


We have developed AFM-based infrared spectroscopy (AFM-IR) to map nanoscale chemical, structural and mechanical variations in polymers and other samples. The AFM-IR technique uses a tunable infrared laser and measures the absorption of the light on a sub-wavelength scale using the tip of an AFM. The AFM tip detects the rapid mechanical expansion of the material underneath it which is caused by the heating that occurs when the pulsed IR light is absorbed by the sample. Simultaneous measurements of the cantilever’s contact resonance frequency caused by the IR absorption provide a complimentary measurement of the relative mechanical properties. In addition, using self-heating probes we have been able to locally modify the state of micro domain forming semicrystalline polymers and observe the resulting change in absorption spectra on the nanoscale. Using these techniques it is possible to gain information on the crystallization mechanism of polymer systems at resolutions previously unattainable.
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