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Electrospun Polycaprolactone Nanofiber Tubes- Preparation and Characterization

Z. Khatri, I.S. Kim, B.S. Kim, K.O. Kim, N. Ryu
Nano Fusion Technology Research Group, Shinshu University, JP

Keywords: polycaprolactone, nanofiber tube, electrospinning, vascular grafts, artificial vein and artery


Various nanofiber tubes with internal diameters of more than 1 mm have successfully been made and reported for tissue engineering of small caliber vascular graft in recent year. Efforts are currently being made to develop small diameter vascular grafts but literature lacking comprehensive study on their mechanical behavior and morphologies. This study attempted to prepare and characterize the nanofibers tubes made of biodegradable polycaprolactone (PCL) via electrospinning. An extra mandrel of stainless steel was installed in between syringe capillary-tip and the metallic collector. The PCL nanofibers were deposited over the mandrel surface continuously for 45 minutes. In order to achieve uniform deposition, the mandrel was rotated at 200 rpm as well as reciprocated. Three PCL nanofibers of different diameters (Ø 0.30 mm, Ø 0.50 mm and Ø 2 mm approximately) were prepared and characterized by tube wall thickness, mechanical properties that include tensile strength, elongation and young’s modulus. The tubes were also further analyzed by FTIR, SEM and XRD. Despite a small diameter PCL nanofiber tube (Ø 0.30 mm approximately), the results showed up a very good overall mechanical properties. Such a small diameter tubes have a great potential usage as an artificial veins and arteries.
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