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Assembly of sequential glycolytic enzymes on a DNA scaffold

L. Gao, C. Mukai, R. Cohen, L.Y. Wu, J.L. Nelson, J.P. Lata, M. Bergkvist, A.J. Travis
Cornell University, US

Keywords: biomimetic, energy, enzyme, DNA scaffold


Development of novel nanodevices has attracted much attention because of their potential applications in therapeutic drug delivery and in vitro diagnostics. If designed to function in vivo, the means of efficiently supplying energy becomes critical because of the small scale and complicated biochemical environment. To address this question, we have been inspired by the organization of the enzymes of glycolysis on a cytoskeletal element in the sperm flagellum, which generates energy in the form of ATP from glucose. We hypothesize that generating a system of tethered glycolytic enzymes within or upon a nanodevice will provide energy sufficient to power many functions in vivo. Here we are developing a general platform to tether glycolytic enzymes and test the sequential activity, which will contribute to generating ATP on nanosurface or nanodevice.
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