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Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment

M.D. Coskun, H.M. Kutlu, G. Guney
Anadolu University, TR

Keywords: Magnetic nanoparticles, Cancer therapy


In cancer treatment the use of chemotherapeutic agents is deal with severe negative side effects, due to the systemic distribution. Therefore, during the last 20 years different approaches of regional drug applications were developed to obtain an increasing effectiveness of the applied drugs in the respective tumor and to protect healthy tissue. Nanoparticles possess magnetic properties offer exciting new opportunities treatment for malignant cells. Magnetic Drug Targeting (MDT) is a drug delivery system that can be used in cancer treatment. Magnetic nanoparticles offer some attractive possibilities in biomedicine. They have controllable sizes ranging from a few nanometres up to tens of nanometres, which places them at dimensions that are smaller than or comparable to those of a cell (10–100μm), a virus (20–450 nm), a protein (5–50 nm) or a gene (2 nm wide and 10–100 nm long). Magnetic nanoparticles have attracted much attention because of their unique magnetic properties and widespread application in different fields such as mineral separation, magnetic storage devices, catalysis, magnetic refrigeration system, heat transfer application in drug delivery system,magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cancer therapy, and magnetic cell separation.The important properties of magnetic particles for medical applications are nontoxicity, biocompatibilty, injectability, and high-level accumulation in the target tissue or organ; the most important property among those mentioned above is nontoxicity. In this study, we discussed that properties, application areas of magnetic nanoparticles and interaction of cancer cells. As a result; we found that magnetic nanoparticles are destroy tumour cells without harming the normal tissue in cancer therapy.
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