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Catalytic Esterification and Transesterification Reaction of High Acidic Value Waste Oil by Microwave Heating System

N. Azcan, O. Yilmaz
Anadolu University, TR

Keywords: Waste Frying Oil, Microwave, Esterification, Transesterification, Hydrolysis


In this study, acidic value of waste frying oil was determined as 0.8 mgKOH/g. In order to increase acid value, waste frying oil was subjected to hydrolysis reaction at 1:6 oil:water (w/w), 270oC temperature, 53 bar pressure, and 90 min by using high pressure-high temperature reactor. Acid value of reaction product was found as 234 mgKOH/g. Hydrolysed oil and waste oil were blended with the ratio of 1:39 (w/w) to rich acid value of 6.92 mgKOH/g. First of all esterification reaction was catalyzed by Amberlyst-15 ion exchange resin by using microwave assisted heating system with 5-30% (w/w) catalyst ratio, 5-35 min reaction time, 65-80oC temperature, and 1:6-1:15 oil:methanol molar ratio. Reaction conversion was determined by the change of acid value. Then esterified oil was subjected to transesterification reaction at 65oC, 3 min, 1:6 oil:methanol molar ratio, 1%(wt) KOH. Biodiesel yield was determined as 94.4%.
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