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Modeling of Multi-Lamp Photoreactors for Aqueous Degradation of Metronidazole: an Analysis of UV Lamps Locations

M. Mohajerani, M. Mehrvar, F. Ein-Mozaffari
Ryerson University, CA

Keywords: photoreactor, pharmaceutical waste, computational fluid dynamics


Photochemical reactors have been widely used in water and wastewater treatment during recent decades. Increasing the number of UV lamp inside the photoreactors enhances the local volumetric rate of energy absorption and results in higher degradation rate of organic compounds. The number of UV lamps and their locations influence the fluid flow characteristics and the degradation efficiency. Understanding the fluid flow and the synergetic effects caused by UV lamps is helpful to get maximum advantages of irradiation with minimum electrical energy consumption. In this study, different locations of four lamps are analyzed to compare their effectiveness. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used to investigate fluid flow for different configurations. k-ε turbulent model is used for CFD analysis to find velocity profile, turbulent kinetic energy, turbulent dissipation rate, turbulent viscosity, and vorticity. Metronidazole is selected as a model compound to investigate its degradation for different configurations.
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