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Formation of Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystal on the RBM Treated Titanium by Hydrothermal Treatment in Deionized Water

W.J Lee, S.H. Lee, H.N. Jung, M.H. Kim, J.M. Doh, B.S. Lim
Seoul National University, KR

Keywords: nanocrystal HA, hydrothermal treatment, RBM treatment, cp-titanium


A novel attempt was made to form hydroxyapatite (HA) nanocrystal layer on commercially pure titanium substrate by hydrothermal treatment subsequent to RBM (resorbable blast media) blasting as an alternative for the sophisticated HA coating techniques. Commercially pure titanium (grade 4) disks were RBM treated using the mixture of HA and TCP powder and titanium disks were performed hydro-thermal treatment using a sealed stainless steel chamber with deionized water. Surface characteristics of titanium substrate were examined with SEM, EDS, XRD and contact angle analyzer. The observed HA nanocrystallite within hydrothermally crystallized HA is the result of nucleation and grain growth through the replenishment of Ca and P ions from the embedded TCP particles in titanium surface. The more homogenized and dense HA precipitates were formed at the higher temperature for hydrothermal treatment. The saturated steam pressure of hermetic hydrothermal treatment may also play an important role on the formation of HA nanocrystallite.
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