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Computational Research for Aerospace Materials Development (invited presentation)

B.L. Farmer
Air Force Research Laboratory, US

Keywords: aerospace materials, computational nanotechnology, simulation, multi-scale modeling, polymers, biopolymers, sensors


The AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate utilizes a broad spectrum of computational tools to discover, develop, understand, and predict the properties and behavior of a wide range of materials of interest for aerospace applications. These include both hard and soft materials for structural, sensing, optical, thermal, and other applications. An overview of the types of computational tools that are being used and the types of computational chemistry and materials research that is being conducted will be provided, especially focusing on modeling studies of polymers, biopolymers, and nanomaterials. An Initiative in Computational Materials Science and Engineering that is being formulated with aspects across DOD, other government agencies, industry, and academia will also be described.
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