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Nanostructured Materials Characterization by X-Ray Diffraction

I. Cernatescu
PANalytical, US

Keywords: X-ray diffraction, X-ray scattering, nanomaterials


Nowadays nanotechnology, development, characterization, and applications of novel materials with outstanding properties have become the main research focus of worldwide engineering and materials research community. Particularly semiconductor nano-structures have received growing interests due to their outstanding proprieties and their potential applications in electronic, optoelectronic and biological fields. The development of these new structures into future devices crucially depends on the development of new characterization techniques and theoretical models for a fundamental understanding of the relationship between the structure and properties. Since the dimensions of X-ray wavelengths are in the same order as the sizes of nano-structures, X-ray diffraction is an important tool for the scientist. X-ray diffractograms hold a wealth of structural information: (i) the crystallite size, (ii) size distribution, (iii) the defect structure/distribution, (iv) texture, (v) micro and macro strain, etc. X-ray diffraction provides complimentary information about the nano-structure by showing the average coherence length as a function of direction. The X-ray diffraction results are averaged over a large volume giving an overall view of the nano-structure. This presentation will review the applications of X-ray diffraction techniques for determining the nano-structure features of nano-materials.
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