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Development of high performance MWCNTs-dispersed-media

N. Tarumoto
Hodogaya chemical Co., Ltd, JP

Keywords: multiwall carbon nanotubes, MWCNTs


Owing to the superior structural, electrical and mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes, many potential applications, such as electric conductive plastics, electromagnetic absorber, heater, lithium ion battery, heat sink and high strength composites have been proposed. We produce multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs: NT-7, CT-12) with high crystallinity and high purity by a floating reactant method followed by a high temperature treatment. Applying the MWCNTs as electro-conductive filler, it is necessary to obtain optimal dispersion. However, it is not easy to disperse MWCNTs agglomerate into many kinds of matrix. We successfully developed MWCNTs-dispersed-matrix such as thermoplastics, thermoset, water solution, organic solution and rubbers to realize the potentiality of the MWCNTs. In this report, the MWCNTs and the MWCNTs-dispersed-matrix are introduced. Also applications of the matrix to electro conductive plastics, electromagnetic absorber, heater and battery electrode are shown.
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