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Influence of Cu Content and Nanograin Size on Microstructure, Mechanical and Sliding Tribological Behaviors of Cu-DLC Films

X. Yu, C. Wang, Z. Peng, Z. Fu, W. Yue
China University of Geosciences (Beijing), CN

Keywords: Cu containing diamond like carbon film, Cu content and nanograin size, microstructure, mechanical and sliding tribological behavior


In this work, Cu-DLC films of six Cu contents were deposited on (100) Si substrate in a mid-frequency dual-magnetron system. The influence of Cu content and nanograin size on the microstructure, mechanical properties and sliding tribological behaviors of the films has been investigated. It is found that (i) the Cu nanocrystallites were dispersed in a amorphous DLC matrix, and increasing Cu content resulted in an increase of the Cu nanocrystallite size; (ii) the films with Cu content ranging between 4.8~14.7 at% and with Cu nanograin sizes in range of 6.7~24.8 nm exhibited higher hardness, lower intrinsic stress, better adhesion, and lower friction coefficient and wear rate as compared with those of 17.8~24.9 at% Cu content and 32.7~44.8 nm nanograin sizes; and (iii) the best combined properties were achieved for the film deposited with 11.7 at% Cu and with grain size 13.6 nm.
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