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Optofluidics: exciting integration of two microsystem technology platforms (invited presentation)

A. Leinse, J. Walker
LioniX BV, US

Keywords: MEMS


In microfluidic applications surface waveguide-based optical sensing is becoming an interesting addition to fluidic platforms. By combining the two technology platforms (referred to as optofluidics) a wide range of fluidic applications become possible. Some sensing applications, such as Laser induced fluorescence, for example, need optical signals in the visible light range. Operation at these wavelengths limits the available waveguide technologies, however. LioniX has developed a novel multi-core waveguide technology, TriPleX, that can be combined with microfluidics and can also be designed for operation over the complete wavelength range that extends from UV to IR. In this presentation, the integrated optical platform and the fluidic platform will each be discussed and several examples of realized (optofluidic) devices will be shown. Finally, the “Life Marker Chip,” which has been developed based on the use of immunoassay technique will be discussed in some more detail. The “Life Marker Chip” was developed for use as an analytical instrument for the ExoMars mission, which is slated for launch in 2018.
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