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Design for Reliability in MEMS-Based Systems (invited presentation)

A. Hartzell
Lilliputian Systems Inc., US

Keywords: MEMS


Systems that contain MEMS components are abundant today due to the high reliability of many MEMS designs. MEMS is just another component to the consumer of the system, who is not typically aware that there are ‘MEMS inside’. However, the systems designers and manufacturers must be very aware of the MEMS device and thus the system manufacturing, materials and design must be chosen to protect the MEMS from stresses that could create field failure. Special treatment of the MEMS device in design and processing of the system is analogous to assuring that ceramic chip capacitors have proper solder joint profiles to eliminate cracking and failure. Approaches to improve reliability of MEMS containing systems will be covered. Reliability prediction methodologies of systems will also be included, treating the MEMS device as a typical component.
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