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Water induced nano-organization of covalent silica nano-particles

E. Taffin de Givenchy, E. Celia, S. Amigoni, F. Guittard
Université de nice Sophia Antipolis, FR

Keywords: silica, nano-particles, superhydrophilic, covalent


It is now well establish that surface wettability depends on its chemical composition and morphology. Modification of surfaces with nano-particles allows to control both the surface chemistry and roughness. In this work, we have grafted silica nano-particles on polyethylene surface in order to modify its surface properties. The polyethylene surface was first modified by polymerization of acrylic acid and aminated silica particles were covalently assembled by coupling reaction between the amino groups of the nano-particles and the carboxylic groups of poly(acrylic acid). The wettability and roughness increased after assembling of particles and a difference in surface morphology was observed whether the reaction was carried out in water or dichloromethane. In water, honeycomb structures were formed allowing to reach superhydrophilic or highly hydrophobic surfaces depending on the post treatment. This work may offer new short-term prospects for the fabrication of highly active materials in technologies such as catalysis, sensing or antibacterial surfaces.
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