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Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Fundamental Studies and Practical Applications (invited presentation)

Z. Ren
Boston College, US

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, biosensors, light transmission


Ever since the discovery of carbon nanotubes by Iijima in 1991, there have been extensive research efforts on synthesis, physics, electronics, chemistry, and applications because of the predicted extraordinary physical, chemical, optical, electronic, and mechanical properties. Among the various forms of carbon nanotubes: single wall vs. multi wall, random vs. aligned, semiconducting vs. metallic, aligned carbon nanotubes are especially important since lots of fundamental physics and important applications will not be possible without alignment. In this talk, I will cover the work on alignment, physics, and their applications of aligned carbon nanotubes in a number of fields such as field emission, light transmission in subwavelength, highly sensitive biosensors, etc., and finally I will present our most recent discovery on a new growth evolution.
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