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Shear Thickening Dispersions & Applications (invited presentation)

N.J. Wagner
University of Delaware, US

Keywords: shear thickening, dispersions, colloids


Colloidal dispersions are ubiquitous in the chemical, materials, and phamaceutical industries. The rheology of colloidal dispersions is particularly important for materials processing and nanomanufacturing processes that employ dispersions of nanoparticles. This presentation will examine the relationships between colloidal chemistry, interactions, microstructure, and rheology for colloidal and nanoparticle dispersions. The phenomenon of shear thickening is a nonequilibrium transition to a material with an increasing viscosity and rigidity with shear rate. The mechanisms of and key physical properties controlling the shear thickening transition in dense colloidal dispersions are elucidated. Finally, technological uses of shear thickening dispersions for novel ballistic and stab resistant materials, as well as energy dissipative protective products in medical and sports applications are presented.
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