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Making the Good Better: Enhancing Solution Phase Antibody/Antigen Binding with Homogeneous Magnetic Fields (invited presentation)

L. Josephson
Harvard Medical School, US

Keywords: magnetically assisted chemical aggregation, homogeneous magnetic fields, magnetic particles


I shall explore two methods that exploit the effects of homogeneous magnetic fields on magnetic particles. When placed in a magnetic field, magnetic particles (but not nanoparticles) aggregate in a time dependent fashion with increases in solution T2. This increase in T2 with aggregation is opposed by viscosity and therefore can be used to design relaxometry based viscometers. T2 based viscometers can determine viscosity in enclosed samples, avoiding potential contamination, with small volumes (~50 uL). An important requirement for commercial immunoassays is high sensitivity and short incubation times. Application and removal of magnetic fields can be used to enhance reactions between magnetic particles and target molecular analytes in magnetically assisted chemical aggregation (MACA). The reactions of anti-influenza antibodies with magnetic particles bearing influenza peptides have been amplified with MACA, providing extremely fast, sensitive protocols for the detection of anti-influenza antibodies.
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