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Next Generation Nuclear Battery Using D-Clusters in Nano-materials

G.H. Miley, X. Yang, H. Hora
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, US

Keywords: nuclear battery, nano-materials, D-clusters


Nuclear batteries using radioisotope sources have a long history of development for special uses where ultra long life, maintenance free, low power batteries are needed. We are now developing a radical new nuclear battery termed a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) power cell . Observations of low levels of MeV particle emission, combined with nuclear transmutations and excess heat generation, provided basic evidence for nuclear reactions occurring in multi-layer thin palladium (Pd) films after deuterium (D) loading. These results, combined with recent observations of localized D/H condensation sites point the way to this remarkable new type of LENR-based nuclear battery. The localized D condensation sites in Pd, actually D condensed in dislocation loops, is achieved by cyclically loading and unloading D in thin film Pd. SQUID measurements plus Temperature Programmed Desorption show that localized D clusters are condensed in defects with densities ~ 10^24/cc. Once trigged, these D clusters lead to large local nuclear reaction rates. The “side” radiations emitted (protons, alphas, and x-rays) are low level and not very penetrating (do not escape the cell structure) and no long-lived radioactive reaction products are observed. Thus this new LENR process potentially offers a “green” nuclear battery technology. The main technological step needed before construction of this battery is to develop a material structure with very high defect packing fraction.
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