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Engineering Control Strategy for Nanotechnology Industry: the Performance of Filtration for Engineered Nanoparticles

S-J Tsai, M.E. Echevarría-Vega, G. Sotiriou, C. Huang, P. Demokritou, M. Ellenbecker
University of Massachusetts Lowell, US

Keywords: engineered nanoparticle, engineering control, filtration efficiency, aerosols


Applying engineering controls to airborne nanoparticles is critical to prevent worker exposure and environmental releases. This study evaluated the effectiveness of two aerosol sampling and six environmental fabric filters at collecting engineered nanoparticles. Filtration can effectively reduce nanoparticle release, reducing worker exposure and environmental release. Coated fabric filters can provide sufficient filtration with lower cost compared to aerosol sampling filters. Results indicated that some available environmental filters could provide fairly good performance to be used in the nano-industry.
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