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Nano-neuronal recording for Neurodegenerative disease research

A. Islam, E. Panaitescu, D. Reig, L. Menon
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: nano-substrate, hippocampal neuron, interaction, recording


Neuronal recording via nanomaterials has tremendous potential for clinical applications. In this work, neuronal stem cells (D18 Dewey rat hippocampal neurons) were cultured externally on the surfaces of nanowire or nano-substrate to investigate their viability and interactions with the nanoscale surfaces. Embryonic rat hippocampus tissues were mechanically dissociated in to neuronal stem cells and cultured on the nano-surfaces. The neurons started to grow externally on the nano-substrates from day 1 and survived up to 21 days or more. For preliminary understanding of the neuronal growth, viability and connectivity, we studied the images of nano-neural interactions by using optical, fluorescence, keck and scanning electron microscopy. We have studied the interactions of neurons with various nano surfaces, such as gold nanowires, gold nanofilms, nanoporous alumina surfaces, titania nanotubes and gallium nitride nanowires. All of the nanosurface structures were fabricated in the laboratory by means of standard electrochemical process and deposition techniques. For proper adhesion of neurons to the nano-surface, we coated Poly-D-Lysine protein layer on top of the nano-surfaces. The neurons attached with the nano scale surfaces by an interface of PDL, which is a positively charged poly-peptide. This protein plays a vital role in neurites growth on the nano-substrates similar to the in vivo system. The recording of neurons on the nano-surfaces are being investigated by spontaneous neuronal stimulation. The extracellular and intracellular electrical recordings from neurons through nano-substrates will reveal specific treatment patterns for the brain-derived neuronal disease and disorder researches.
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