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Artificial Nanostructure Materials for Optical Power Control Devices

Y. Ofir, A. Donval, D. Cheskis, T. Fisher and M. Oron
KiloLambda, IL

Keywords: limiting, dynamic range, filter


The design of artificial nanostructured materials for the use in non-linear devices and integrated photonic systems is very challenging as it involves the need to incorporate the nanoparticles, nanomaterials and quantum physics equations. Near-field interactions in artificial nanostructured materials can provide a variety of functionalities useful for optical systems integration. For example, nanoparticles embedded within a dielectric host are known to have a field enhancement effect and therefore lower the threshold of laser induced damage within the material. We are taking advantage of the unique capabilities of nanoparticles guest embedded within dielectric host matrices for field enhancement effect in developing next generation of non-linear components and devices to passively control and regulate optical power. Based on our nanotechnology KiloLambda developed a whole family of Optical Power Control (OPC) components and solutions. We report on our next generation solution, the Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF), which is based on our fundamental principles of nanotechnology and nanostructure optics dedicated for sunlight applications. We demonstrate our DSF designed and function for increasing dynamic range of cameras, including experimental images of the improved results. Finally, we discuss additional applications for large-scale window energy saving, by utilizing DSF for sunlight passive optical power control.
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