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A Novel Approach for Modeling Mechanical Behavior of Porous Media

B.S. Altan, M. Mollamahmutoglu
Bayburt University, TR

Keywords: porous media, multi-scale homogenization, nonlocal elasticity, gradient elasticity


A multi-scale novel homogenization technique is introduced to model mechanical behavior of open-cell porous media. The proposed method has primarily three components. The first component is based on two assumptions. First, a random porous structure can be approximated by superimposing regular grids. Second assumption is that the grids that compose a given porous structure interact with each other at “junction” points. The second component of the proposed approach is replacing each grid by an equivalent continuum. The forces at the junction points are also replaced by interacting body forces. The third component is to represent the equivalent media by single medium by expressing the “average stresses” in the elastic mixture in terms of the “average displacement” which are appropriately defined. It is also discussed how to extract the information about the geometrical and mechanical properties of the grids by comparing the analytical and experimental data for the dispersion and attenuation of various waves propagating in a porous medium.
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