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Magnetic Method of SOC for Electrical Energy Storage Devices

L. Hoover, G.T. Tso
Methode Electronics Inc., US

Keywords: state-of-charge, state-of-health, measurement


The importance of knowing the state of charge (SOC) is vital for Lithium cells. Lithium cells can be a fire hazard if charged and discharged too quickly. Within the last two decades, methods for determining the SOC of lithium-ion batteries have been developed but the most recent advancements require a number of inputs and storing cell characterization history. MDI has developed a revolutionary new patent-pending method for measuring SOC to help extend the useful life and performance for Lithium cell. The MDI sensor measures SOC by measuring the change in magnetic property of the cell when exposed to an AC magnetic field. This is a non-intrusive method as a number of electrochemical cell materials do not retain any magnetism as they are paramagnetic in nature. This approach has no remnant effect. By utilizing the electrochemical material as the sensing medium, MDI provides the actual cell condition and not an estimated value. With this type of measuring technique, continuously monitoring of the cell is not required. This paper will describe the approach that MDI has developed which assesses the state of charge of Lithium ion cells.
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