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New Electrodeposition Process for Complex 3D Nanostructures

D. Dlesk, M.-F. Yu
Nanofab3D Inc., US

Keywords: direct-writing, electrodeposition, 3d, nanostructures


The 3D Direct-Writing Meniscus-Confined Electrodeposition System is an advanced nanofabrication technology which can produce complex 3D nanostructures. A glass micropipette is filled with an electrolyte and moved towards the substrate surface. At the instant of the meniscus formation between the micropipette and the substrate surface, a local electrodeposition of metal is initiated. The micropipette is then withdrawn from the substrate surface at a speed coinciding with the growth speed of the metal deposit, maintaining a stable meniscus. This allows the continuous fabrication of an out-of-plane nanowire, with a length limited by the withdrawal distance of the micropipette. A variety of metals can be used as long as they can be electrodeposited. This nanofabrication process has a number of advantages as compared to other technologies. This technique employs a direct-writing method, which provides ultimate flexibility in creating 3-D structures; it operates in an ambient environment, which makes it compatible with existing manufacturing processes and significantly reduces the cost of the fabrication equipment. This technology can be used to fabricate a wide range of products such as high density interconnects for integrated circuits, high-aspect ratio AFM probes for critical metrology, and nanoscale needle probes for cell biology research.
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