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A Novel High-Throughput Nanofabrication Technique for Producing Indefinitely Long, Uniform Nanostructures

M. Bayindir, M. Yaman, M. Kanik, E. Ozgur, T. Khudiyev, O. Aktas, E.O. Ozgur, H. Deniz, E. Korkut
Bilkent University, TR

Keywords: nanofabrication, nanowire, nanotube, direct size reduction


One dimensional nanostructures are well posed to stay at the forefront of materials research for a long time. Their promise as high performance functional elements in electronics, photonics and other sensing/actuation applications is supported by a myriad of synthesis, ordering and manipulation techniques. One such perspective could be the fabrication of nanowires that truly bridge the nano and macro worlds addressing high-throughput, accessibility and simplicity. Here, we report a simple top-to-bottom production method to obtain kilometer long, ordered, semiconducting and polymer nanowires and nanotubes with uniform diameter, homogenous distribution, and endlessly parallel orientation. A novel iterative thermal size reduction technique is used to stepwise reduce a macroscopic rod down to ordered arrays of extremely long nanowires a polymer matrix. In this way, we produced for the first time, millions of ordered, indefinitely long, polymer embedded nanowires, nanotubes and core-shell arrays. Obtained wire diameter’s range are as wide as 10 nm to 100 micrometer, and are highly uniform.
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