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Nano-structured Organically Modified Silica Thin Films for Functional Surfaces

M. Bayindir, A. Yildirim, H. Budunoglu, M. Yaman, H. Deniz, M.O. Guler
Bilkent University, TR

Keywords: Ormosil coating, aerogel, antireflection, hydrophobic, flexible substrate


Organically modified silica (ormosil) nano-composites are unique materials that offer best of the both of organic polymers and inorganics, like mechanical flexibility together with good chemical durability [1]. Nano-porosity adds these hybrid materials extra-functionality (e.g., high surface area and adsorption capacity, very low refractive index and low dielectric constant), however, at the expense of limiting the choice of substrate, due to higher processing temperatures. Our novel preparation method of nano-porous organically modified silica (ormosil) thin films is based on a room-temperature sol-gel technique which enables preparation of these films on almost any substrate including heat sensitive plastic and paper substrates [2-4]. The facile template-free synthesis of nano-structured ormosil colloidal suspensions, starting from a single organosilane monomer, are deposited as homogeneous thin films with good thickness (90-1000 nm) and porosity (30-86%) control. These suspensions offer easy handling and good reproducibility for large-area fabrication of homogenous nanoporous and flexible thin films.
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