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Smart fiducials with radio-sensitizer eluting nanoporous coatings for IGRT

R. Kumar
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: radiation therapy, radiosensitizer, gold fiducials, Doxorubicin


Image-guided radiation treatments routinely utilize implantable devices, such as radio-opaque fiducials or brachytherapy spacers, for improved spatial accuracy. We hypothesize that the therapeutic efficiency of IGRT can be further enhanced by biological in-situ dose painting (BIS-IGRT) using local delivery of radiosensitizers embedded within nanoparticles and nanoporous polymer matrices coating gold fiducial markers. Biocompatible polymers loaded with model molecules were coated as a thin film on gold fiducials. The nanoporous morphology of the polymer coatings allowed the controlled release of the molecules and nanoparticles. Temporal release kinetics measurements in buffer were carried out using fluorescence spectroscopy. For flat gold films and gold fiducials coated with Doxorubicin in PMMA matrix, an initial release of Dox within the first few hours was followed by a sustained release over the course of next 3 months. Spatial release profiles in an agarose phantom were also measured and compared with release kinetics models. Results show that dosage and rate of release of these radiosensitizers can be precisely tailored to achieve the desired release profile for IGRT.
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