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Influence of microwave irradiation on the physical characteristics of ITO layers printed with nano-ink containing ITO nanoparticles

J-W Kim, Y-S Kim, S-J Hong
Korea Electronics Technology Institute, KR

Keywords: indium tin oxide, ITO, display, microwave, sintering


For application of the indium tin oxide (ITO) nanoparticles in display manufacturing, ink or paste composed of ITO nanoparticles, solvent and additives are basically needed. In our previous studies, we successfully developed an efficient synthesis method for manufacturing ITO nanoparticles in low temperature and formulation of ITO nano-ink. In those studies, we could achieve about 500 ohm/square of electrical sheet resistance with over 80 % of optical transmittance by printing the ITO nano-ink on a glass substrate. The value of 500 ohm/square for the ITO thin printed thin film is in the range of values that are able to apply to a resistive type touch screen panel. Here, we intended to improve the electrical and optical characteristics of the ITO layers printed on a glass substrate by an employment of microwave irradiation technologies. For microwave heating, microwave of 2.45GHz was used and power was varied from 500 to 1000 W. Heating environment was also varied with H2, N2, Ar and vacuum, and the effects of the environmental gas and temperature on the electrical and optical properties were investigated. As a result, we could achieve around 300 ohm/square of sheet resistance with 85 % of optical transmittance by a newly designed hybrid heat treatment method. More detailed experimental procedures and results will be deeply discussed in the final manuscript and conference site.
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