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A new route to control the enhancement of structural and anisotropy ordering in two-dimensional particle arrays

A. Regtmeier, F. Wittbracht, I. Dück, T. Rempel, A. Weddemann, A. Hütten
Bielefeld University, DE

Keywords: anisotropy, ordering, enhancement, nanoparticles


For the realization of data storage devices two fundamental requirements are necessary to guarantee good functionality: a) particles need to be arranged within a sizeable, two-dimensional monolayer of high spatial ordering and b) magnetic states need to maintain stability against thermal pertubations which can be realized by a high anisotropy. We present novel possibilities to enhance the structural ordering of nanoparticles during sample preparation and the anisotropy subsequent. A rotating homogeneous magnetic field allows for the creation of highly ordered two-dimensional particle arrays. Via exposure of these arrays to hydrogen plasma a multistep process is initiated, increasing the magnetic moment and inducing the ordering of the magnetocrystalline easy axes. Our experimental observations are in agreement with simulations of two-dimensional arrays of interacting dipolar particles.
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