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Modeling a plane 3 DOF compliant micromanipulator

M. Verotti
University of Rome la Sapienza, IT

Keywords: MEMS, modeling, multi-body system


In the present work, a new MBS (Multi-Body System) code has been dedicated to the static and dynamic analysis of micro-compliant mechanisms. Although the inertial force become more and more negligible, the smaller becomes the system, a suitable approach can be based, anyway, on classic algorithms of Dynamic Analysis. In particular, the first natural frequency is quite high, the integration time is significantly reduced and the step time interval is reduced. The code has been written in MatLab programming language by applying the Lagrange Multiplier method of dynamic analysis to the pseudo-rigid body model of the compliant microsystem, the latter being obtained by imposing the centers of the revolute joints of the model be coincident with the centers of the elastic weights of the flexural arcs of the real system. The acceleration can be evaluated by means of different methods and the results are available both as numerical data and animations.
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