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Clean Technology 2010 Tracks

industry Sustainable Industries
(Efficiencies, Building, Fleet, Waste, Emissions, Water Use, Supply Chain, Incentives, Best Practices)
traditional energy Traditional Energy
(oil, gas, coal, nuclear, power generation)
renewable energy Renewable Energy
(solar, wind, bioenergy, marine, thermal)
infrastructure Infrastructure
(grid, water, storage, distribution)
finance & strategy Finance & Strategy
(commercialization, investment, carbon, regional initiatives)

Nanotech 2010 Tracks

equipment, design, fabrication, characterization Fabrication, Characterization & Tools
(MEMS & Nano Design, Simulation & Modeling, Fabrication, Diagnostics, Characterization, Instrumentation)
chemical & materials Advanced Materials
(Particles, CNT, Coatings, Polymers, Composites, Soft & Bio Materials)
electronics & systems Electronics & Microsystems
(MEMS, NEMS, Sensors, Nano Electronics, Photonics, Fluidics, Modeling, WCM)
medical & biotech Medical & Biotech
(Biosensors, BioNano Materials, Drug Delivery, Cancer, Phage, Medicine, Instrumentation)
energy efficiency Energy & Environment
(Oil, Gas, Solar, Fuels, Fuel Cells, Storage, Grid, Lighting, EHS, Water)
business & strategy Business & Strategy
(Commercialization, IP, Venture, Policy, Regional Initiatives)

Microtech 2010 Tracks

industrial & company showcase Industrial Application & Company Showcase
(Showcase your company to the global corporate community of emerging technology end users!)
MEMS, NEMS, sensors MEMS, NEMS & Sensors
(Devices & Applications, Sensors & Systems, Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication, Energy Harvesting)
microfluidics Micro & Nano Fluidics and Life Sciences
(Micro & Nano Fluidics, Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication, Biosensors & Diagnostics, Bio Analytical Instrumentation)
semiconductors, packaging Advanced Electronics & Packaging
(Nano Electronics & Photonics, Compound Semiconductors, Advanced Packaging)
micro, nano, design, fabrication Micro & Nano Design & Fab
(Design, Manufacture, Instrumentation, Computational Methods, Simulation & Software Tools, WCM - Compact Modeling, Reliability)
ventures, investment, partnering Ventures, Investment & Partnering
(early stage venture forum, IP showcase, corporate partnering)

TechConnect Summit 2010 Tracks

business & strategy Full TechConnect Summit Program
(Speaker highlights and participating organizations)
venture forum TechConnect Ventures 2010
(An ideal forum for “seed” to “early-stage” companies to showcase their technologies, market advantages, and to search for funding)
intellectual property TechConnect Intellectual Property 2010
(Licensing and investment opportunities for technology professionals)
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