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Michael Gurin

Michael Gurin

reXorce Thermionics, Inc.

Michael Gurin is CEO of reXorce Thermionics, Inc. and has been instrumental in creating the vision and technology road map for integrating nanotechnology materials into reXorce’s thermal engine technology. Mr. Gurin had co-invented the core nanotechnology for conductivity enhancement and invented technology extensions of a NASA licensed supercritical air conditioning / refrigeration absorption system. He is a 15-year veteran of technology and business development in which he strategically guided CogniTek, as past president, from non-linear optimization within thermodynamic processes to the incorporation of nanoscale technologies into a wide range of heat transfer systems. Mr. Gurin has experience in achieving growth through start-ups and is now leading reXorce Thermionics Inc. in the commercialization of a high efficiency supercritical thermal engine having applications from solar thermal and geothermal to a high efficiency (greater than 50%) alternative to the internal combustion engine.

MBA, University of Michigan, 1988 Corporate finance, and venture capital. B.S. Aerospace Engineering,University of Michigan, 1986 Gas Dynamics and Thermodynamics, Simulation and Modeling of Control Systems.

Co-Chairing the symposium on Renewables (non-solar).

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