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David  Lashmore

David Lashmore

Ph.D.: Co-founder, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.

David is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of superlattices, alloys, and material science. He received a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Virginia. He is the holder of more than 40 issued and pending patents, has authored more than 75 scientific publications, and has chaired numerous scientific meetings and symposia. David spent sixteen years at the National Institute for Standards and Technologies in Washington DC, as the Group Leader in the Metallurgy Division where he led the development of many industrial materials reference standards.

Following his tenure at NIST, he was a co-founder of Microproperties Inc., Materials Innovation Inc., and Innovative Dental Materials Inc. His industrial accomplishments include development of volume manufacturing and coating technologies for micro-particles and fibers; development of novel materials for advanced energy applications; and the development of novel methods for the growth and fabrication of carbon nanotubes and related nanostructures including applications for these novel materials. David has been awarded the AESF ElectroDeposition Award, the Electrochemical Society Research Award, and The Blum Award from the Electrochemical Society.

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