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From Stimuli-Responsive to Self-Repairing Polymer Networks

Marek W. Urban

Marek W. Urban

Professor of Polymer Science and Eng. and Director, National Science Foundation Materials Research Science and Eng. Center (MRSEC) at USM

Dr. Marek W. Urban is a professor of polymer science and engineering at the University of Southern Mississippi and director of National Science Foundation Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC). His research attracted numerous international media and was featured by New York Times, Forbes Magazine, BBC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, USA Today, Yahoo, many TV and radio interviews around the World, and all major newspapers in various countries. He graduated from Marquette University (MS), Michigan Tech (PhD), and postdoced at Case Western Reserve University. He has authored over 300 research papers, several patents, three books, and edited eight American Chemical Society Advances in Chemistry Series books. He has chaired the Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Films and Coatings and is the recipient of numerous awards. He is an invited speaker of numerous international conferences. While the current focus of his research group activities is on stimuli-responsive polymeric materials and molecular level processes that govern self-repairing mechanisms, he is also involved in commercialization of nanotechnologies in this emerging field.

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