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Prism Solar Technologies

G. Rosenberg
Prism Solar Technologies, Inc., US

Keywords: solar power


Prism Solar Technologies designs and manufactures a unique holographic optical film that replaces much of the silicon needed in a photovoltaic module. The holographic film concentrates the most useful wavelengths of light onto PV cells to increase energy production (kWh/Wp) by up to 40 percent. By replacing expensive PV cells with inexpensive holographic film, module costs are cut in half. Prism Solar has a clear technology pathway to reach grid parity (equivalent in price to current electric costs) by 2012. Holographic film behaves like a low level concentrator, but without the need for any mechanical tracking or cooling. In fact, holograms have many unique characteristics that result in increased kWh production, including passive tracking, the ability to trap incident and diffuse light (important for cloudy locations), and holograms divert UV and infrared light, which enables a module to operate at much cooler temperatures.
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