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Novel process of producing Graphite Nanomaterial from Renewable Sources

J. Jangbarwala, Y. Jin, A. Jangbarwala
Catalyx Nanotech Inc., US

Keywords: platelet graphite nano-fibers, fuel cell eletrodes, biogas, no GHG


Catalyx Nanotech has developed & field tested a catalytic process to convert methane to Graphite Nano-fibers and Hydrogen. This Graphite nano-material is in platelet form with sharp edges in its structure. Research has shown that this material is enhances performance exceptionally in fuel cell applications, battery electrodes, aerospace alloys, organic solar cells, conductive plastics, gas purification, high performance fabrics etc. The hurdle has been the cost of production of these materials which makes them prohibitive to used commercially. Since our process is simple & very low capital costs in comparison to other technologies, we tend eliminate this hurdle and make these nano-materials,commercial. We can compete in pricing with that of high quality synthetic graphite used in industry today. Due to our corporate’s attitude towards “Green Processes”, we have only focused on generating this material from renewable sources of Methane for instance in waste streams of Biogas in Landfills, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Agricultural facilities etc.. The CNI process converts methane to Graphite nano-fibers & Pure hydrogen (99.9%) with NO OTHER by-products from its reactant stream. This Hydrogen by-product from the process can be used in its natural purity for fuel cell applications to provide electrical power on-site, so the plant would use renewable energy instead of using the Grid.
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