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Solving the “Hydrogen Problem” with Methanol Fuel Cells

S. Malhotra
Oorja Protonics, US

Keywords: methanol fuel cells, Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel cell industry


Oorja Protonics is on the fast track to becoming a name synonymous as the industry leader within the cleantech sector. The leading designer and manufacturer of the world’s most powerful Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs), Oorja is making significant strides to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles. Addressing the most daunting challenge being faced by the fuel cell industry, namely the “hydrogen problem,” Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra is leading the commercialization of fuel cells by using inexpensive and abundant, easy to handle methanol instead of volatile and expensive hydrogen. While exploring the benefits of deploying DMFCs as on-board battery chargers for material handling operations at manufacturing plants and distribution centers, this session will present case studies from Oorja’s leading customers such as Nissan North America, SSI and a few others.
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