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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

D. Schulz
Cyber-Rain, US

Keywords: smart technology, smart grid, water management, water shortage, irrigation


The water crisis is here. The EPA estimates that 36 states will face water shortages by 2013. Water rates are already rising. Conservation is clearly the most cost-effective answer and landscape irrigation has the most opportunity. Cyber-Rain is a sprinkler controller with a brain. It checks the weather and automatically adjusts watering times. Cyber-Rain stops landscape overwatering. But more is needed. Consumers have little information on how they consume their water. Water agencies have few tools to implement conservation programs or monitor usage. Smart meters are not the answer. Cyber-Rain will provide consumers and water agencies actionable information and easy-to-use tools customized to local rates/conservation programs. Customers will know how much it costs to water their lawns and how much they could save by switching to native plants. Water agencies could automatically communicate changes in watering restrictions. Landscape water allocations can be implemented and managed by both consumers and water agencies. And this can be achieved in a few months for the cost of a conservation device. East Pasadena Water District has agreed to be Cyber-Rain’s first pilot site to bring this actionable information to life. We plan to showcase the pilot and early results at this conference in June.
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