TechConnect Summit 2011

Paper Battery Company

Location:New York, US
Speaker:Shreefal Mehta
Primary Industry:Energy & Efficiency
Executive Summary:The Paper Battery Company vision is to transform power management in the electronics industry by selling a sheet-like device that creates an integrated power plane to supply locally differentiated power needs. The first products are new integrated supercapacitors with a thin conformable and scalable form factor to address the growing needs for high power in size and weight sensitive applications such as portable and consumer electronics, wireless sensors, and specialty medical and military applications. First products will provide a superior capability to enable new functions with an ability to offer integrated, local backup power on circuit boards or in casings, with higher energy and voltage and a greener, long lasting solution. The initial focus of the company is to produce and sell devices to compact and portable electronic device OEMs, allowing them to meet growing power distribution needs and tight form factor constraints while managing overall system costs. The market game changer is the future integration of the power storage device directly into system structural elements ranging from printed circuit board layers as a power plane, reducing component count and revolutionizing power distribution and management in a broad array of electronics products, and also scaling to solar or electric vehicles.
Venture is:A-Round


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