TechConnect Summit 2011

Sharklet Technologies, Inc.

Location:Colorado, US
Speaker:Mark Spiecker
Primary Industry:Biotech & Medical
Executive Summary:Sharklet Technologies is a Colorado-based biotechnology company that has commercialized a revolutionary new surface technology product called Sharklet™. Unlike anything on the market today, Sharklet is the first non-toxic, long-lasting, environmentally safe, no-kill surface aimed at challenges with bacterial control and gaps in cleaning practices. Sharklet inhibits the survival, colonization, transfer, and migration of bacteria such as Staph. a, MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and E. coli. Sharklet is a patented surface technology comprised of millions of raised microscopic features arranged in distinct diamond shapes that form a continuous pattern. Sharklet uses no chemicals, antibiotics or heavy metals - It is the Sharklet pattern alone that bacteria find inhospitable. The company seeks to raise up to $2M in growth capital in order to accomplish the following: •Bring a Sharklet-patterned Foley Catheter through the FDA and to market •Support research and development efforts to develop additional Sharklet based products Successful launch of the Foley catheter alone is forecasted to generate revenue of more than $50 million by 2015. Sharklet Technologies seeks an exit opportunity through strategic partners.
Venture is:A-Round


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