TechConnect Summit 2011


Location:MA, US
Speaker:Ben Schlatka
Title:Vice President of Business Development
Primary Industry:Semiconductors
Executive Summary:mc10 develops and promotes a new generation of thin, conformal electronics technology that endures bending, twisting, and stretching without sacrificing performance. The company has demonstrated these systems in a wide range of applications and is actively commercializing in the consumer and medical industries. This capability fundamentally changes the way in which we think about where high performance electronics can go; electronic systems are no longer restricted to flat, rigid boxes. All dominant forms of electronics and optoelectronics exist exclusively in planar layouts on the flat surfaces of rigid, brittle semiconductor wafers or glass plates. Although these largely two dimensional (2D) configurations are well suited for many existing applications, they are intrinsically incompatible with many envisioned systems. For example, they do not enable natural integration with the soft, curvilinear surfaces of living organisms (e.g. body parts) and they are unable to adequately integrate into materials such as fabrics. mc10 is developing products that help solve problems traditional electronics are unable to fully address. We are collaborating with Reebok to improve the safety and performance of athletes and simultaneously building a medical device to improve the quality of cardiac care.
Venture is:B-Round


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