TechConnect Summit 2011


Location:WA, US
Speaker:Scott Elliott
Title:MountainLogic smart home HVAC controls
Primary Industry:Energy & Efficiency
Executive Summary:MountainLogic is delivering a new way to implement the common sense energy saving we all understand. While we all know to turn out the lights in empty rooms, we can\'t now turn down the heat/cooling in an empty room. MountainLogic provides a cost effective way to retrofit homes with HVAC controls that learns the homeowner\'s needs and only conditions rooms when they will be occupied. This is done by replacing the existing HVAC registers with wireless automated units that control the flow of air into each room. Wireless wall sensor are placed on the wall to learn the user\'s needs. The target installed price is $1000 that results in a 3 year payback and a $0.018 avoided generation cost. The system is ZigBee based and smart grid/demand response ready. The path to the 100 million US central forced air homes is through the utilities\' existing efficiency upgrade programs.
Venture is:Seed Level


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