TechConnect Summit 2011

Enerize Corporation

Location:Florida, US
Speaker:Timothy Pastushkin
Title:VP of International Operations
Primary Industry:Solar Power
Executive Summary:Enerize is a Florida Corporation headquartered in Coral Springs, FL with the offices and development laboratory in the US. Enerize is engaged in the development and deployment of proprietary technologies, materials and systems, including devices for energy generation (PV modules) and storage (lithium batteries). Enerize has a branch in Ukraine with R&D facilities, and a business office in Milan, Italy. Enerize has 7 senior managers and researchers in the US headquarters and more than 30 employees in Ukraine including 20 PhDs working full or part-time. Enerize is currently owned by its executives and angel investors Summary: - $400,000 angel investment. - $300,000 funding from shareholders. - $600,000 in revenues. - Decades of expertise in R&D, industrial applications, business development and marketing. - Worldwide recognition and relationship network of the company’s principals. - Technologies are based on 30+ years of R&D in renewable energy, including photovoltaics and batteries. - Many technologies developed by Enerize are nanotechnologies, including PV modules with polymer coating, cathode material for Li-ion batteries, thin film solid inorganic electrolytes. - Previous experience includes building from scratch R&D and production activities of Ener1, a US public company with the current capitalization more than $500 million.
Venture is:A-Round


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