TechConnect Summit 2011

Linear Signal, LLC

Location:UT, US
Speaker:Greg Mockett
Primary Industry:Semiconductors
Executive Summary:Introduce truly cost effective, superior performing smart, broadband antennas into SatCom, Radar, and other wireless markets for the first time. These markets are presently about $2billion annually and with the coming Web Enabled Devices markets (broadband communications to and from TV’s, Cameras, Cell Phones, eReaders, Game Consoles, WiFi, WiMax and other edge gateway devices, etc), will grow to an estimated $4billion to $6billion annually within 5 to 7 years. Linear Signal will compete in these markets leveraging their OEM customers’ respective market shares by designing and manufacturing high-volume custom smart satellite and other antennas for them to private label. Linear Signal will grow its position leveraging near 100% outsourcing in the early stages, gradually building internal engineering design and manufacturing capacity. This gives Linear Signal near unlimited flexible capacity, access to the best talent, and the lowest cost position.
Venture is:B-Round


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