TechConnect Summit 2011

Blue Planet Environmental Inc.

Location:Ontario, CA
Speaker:Richard Lonetto,PhD
Primary Industry:Water
Executive Summary:Blue Planet Environmental Inc. (BPE) is an Ontario,Canada based technology company established in 2006 with offices in Richmond Hill, Ontario and Beijing, China. Blue Planet\'s patent pending products have been third party tested to verify the effectiveness of its core technology for improving water quality and increasing the growth rates and weight of produce and fish. Blue Planet\'s gas infusion technology produces micro-nano bubbles infused with a variety of gases,including, but not limited to oxygen, ozone, and carbon dioxide. This technology has been used in water quality improvement and restoration systems for agricultural irrigation, fish farms, and ponds. The technology has also been applied to growing algae for biofuel processing. Blue Planet\'s technology is being applied to residential products for gardens, lawns,aquariums,shower heads and washing machines. Blue Planet has strategic projects and agreements in place with large scale growers of melons,limes,fish,and developers/suppliers of natural based mineral fertilizers. Blue Planet also has an agreement with a committee of the People\'s Republic of China to install and manage Blue Planet\'s technology in an environmentally sustainable community of 474 homes in Shandong Province.


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