TechConnect Summit 2011

Nanofab3D Inc.

Location:MA, US
Speaker:David Dlesk
Primary Industry:Semiconductors
Executive Summary:Nanofab3D is developing and commercializing nanofabrication technology to produce unique 3-dimensional nanoscale structures. These nanostructures will enable the creation of new high value products that will revolutionize semiconductors, microelectronics, life sciences and other markets. For example, a new semiconductor interconnect system will reduce chip size and save billions in fab costs. Miniaturization will continue to drive the development of products with increased functionality and lower cost across a number of industries. As a result there will be an increasing need for nanoscale fabrication. The Nanofab3D technology will open new design space from microns to tens of nanometers, allowing economical commercial production of high value nanoscale products. A strong patent portfolio protects Nanofab3D\'s unique nanofabrication process, allowing the company to generate value from products produced rather than just the sale of equipment. Nanofab3D is pursuing a 4-part strategy to rapidly grow the company: 1.) Develop applications funded by partners and grants 2.) Establish a revenue stream from fast-to-market niche products 3.) Invest in and develop large market applications with a focus on high value semiconductor interconnect systems 4.) License technology or sell components to market leaders
Venture is:Seed Level


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